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Meet the team.

Drawing on our experience building iPhones, Instagram & Hyperlapse, here at Rylo, we make technology that connects you with your inner creative and doesn’t get in the way.

It’s clear to us that the future of the camera is software. Tools and techniques used in Hollywood films are being replaced by powerful algorithms available via the tap of a button. We’re here to build that future, and we’ve assembled the team to do it.

Alex Karpenko

CEO, Founder

Alex is a pioneer in computational photography. He started his career by founding Luma, a first-of-its kind video stabilization app that was acquired by Instagram. At Instagram, Alex developed the technology behind the Hyperlapse app.
He is the architect behind Rylo’s breakthrough stabilization technology.

Chris Cunningham

COO, Founder

Chris started his career at Apple as an engineer on consumer photo and video apps like iPhoto and iMovie. At Instagram, he lead the team that built Instagram Direct.
At Rylo, he helps oversee everything, from the camera software to the manufacturing plan.

Chris Connolly

Creative Director

Another former member of the Instagram team, Chris led the Creativity team inside of Instagram and led design for Instagram creative tools as well as the Hyperlapse app.
At Rylo, Chris runs the design team and is responsible for all things creative.

Jon Denby

Head of Hardware

Jon is an ex-Apple product designer, where he helped engineer the iPhone 6S Plus. He left Apple to take on challenge of building a company and product from scratch.
At Rylo, Jon leads the hardware and optical design teams.

We launched our first product in November of 2017: the Rylo Camera. Our aim with the Rylo camera is to make it easy for anyone to capture and share great video. The combination of the Rylo app and camera result in a simple experience that help you share shake-free, horizon-leveled, cinematic videos. We’re already hard at work on what’s next, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.