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Introducing Rylo

Today, we're excited to introduce Rylo: a small 360° camera powered by innovative software to create larger-than-life, cinematic video. Rylo captures everything around you with breakthrough stabilization technology and comes with a simple mobile app that makes video editing and sharing on-the-go easier than ever.

Never miss a shot with 360° capture

Everyone knows what it's like to miss a once-in-a-lifetime shot. You either weren't expecting it to happen or framed it poorly because the subject moved out of your camera's field of view. (Ever tried to film a little kids soccer game?) With Rylo, you don't have to worry about missing the action or framing the shot — you just get it all, always. When you press record, Rylo's two lenses with ultra-wide field of view overlap to provide full 360° coverage. Most cameras tend to cover no more than a 65° angle.

But Rylo isn't just for making and sharing cool 360° videos. Our app also lets you create regular HD video from your footage and effectively point the camera after the fact. Rylo's software even corrects any distortion you'd typically expect with spherical lenses.

Of course, if you're into VR and want actual 360° output, you can always get fully immersive spherical video in high resolution 4K.

Simply unshakeable

The main difference between videos shot by professionals and amateurs today is stability. Remember the iconic shot of Rocky running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art? That was one of the first shots to use a mechanical stabilization rig. And while professionals regularly employ bulky or expensive technology that eliminate camera shake, it's been nearly impossible for regular people to achieve that level of video stabilization. Until now.

Rylo features breakthrough stabilization software that's built right into the camera. Combining 360° capture with advanced camera motion detection, Rylo automatically removes unwanted camera motion or shakiness to produce some of the smoothest video you've ever seen.

The Rylo app lets you toggle stabilization on and off, so that you can see for yourself just how big the difference really is. So whether you're skiing in Colorado, sightseeing in South America, or capturing your toddler's first steps, Rylo makes every video you take incredibly smooth.

Easy editing and sharing on the go

After you shoot a video with Rylo, just plug the camera into your phone and the Rylo app automatically opens, providing tools to quickly edit and share the perfect shot. Of course, you'll see familiar editing controls like trimming and cropping, but also advanced camera techniques you can apply with only a couple taps — it's like having a full video production studio in the palm of your hand.

The best part? You don't have to wait until you're home and/or wrestling with complicated desktop video editing software — you can capture, edit, and share, all on-the-go. Once you have something you're proud of, share it to Instagram or Facebook, or text it to a friend. After all, the best videos are the ones you share and watch over and over again.

Get Rylo today

Starting today, Rylo is available for iPhone (with Android coming soon) and can be purchased on for $499.

Shooting everything and pointing the camera after the fact is a new way to think about creating video — one that we're super excited about. Instead of raw, unedited files that no one ever sees, Rylo makes it easier than ever to create videos you'll be proud to share and capture all those amazing moments you'll love to relive.