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Welcome to Rylo.

Let's get you set up.

In the box

Your Rylo includes the following items.

If any items are missing or damaged,
please contact

  • Rylo 360° Camera
  • Rylo Battery Pack
  • Protect Pouch
  • 16 GB microSD Card
  • USB Charge Cable
  • Rylo to Phone Sync Cable(s)
    (Lightning for iOS, micro-USB and USB-C for Android)
  • Rylo Everyday Case
    (may ship in separate box)

Get to know Rylo.

Front Indicator LED
Pulsing Red : Recording
Pulsing Green : Charging
Solid Green : Updating
Purple : Error
208° Wide-Angle, f/2.8
Keep clean with Rylo Pouch
Rear Indicator LED
Pulsing Red : Recording
Pulsing Green : Charging
Solid Green : Updating
Purple : Error
Status Display
Battery Life (Top Left)
Photo or Video Mode (Top Right)
Video Recording Time or
Photo Storage Left (Bottom)
Recording Mode Selector
Tap to change modes
One Beep : Power On / Record
Two Beeps : Stop Recording
Three Beeps : Power Off
Shutter Button
Hold 2 secs to power on Rylo
Tap to record photo or video
Hold 2 secs to power down Rylo
Micro USB Port
Connect to your phone
with bundled Sync cable
Quick Release Door
Access to Rylo Battery
Access to micro SD Storage

Power up

Tap the button on the bottom of Rylo.

Insert the battery pack.

Hold the shutter button for two seconds.

Rylo will beep and power on.

Get the app

Use the Rylo app to watch, edit & share your videos.

Our app is available for free on iOS & Android.

Get it on Google Play


Use Rylo's mode button to switch between photo and video mode.

Press Rylo's shutter button to capture a photo or begin video recording. Tap it again to stop recording video.

Shooting tips

Shoot in daylight for the best stabilization.

Clean your lenses regularly.

Hold Rylo several feet away from your body to capture a full 360° scene. Use the Rylo Everyday case for additional flexibility.


Connect Rylo to your phone with the bundled sync cable.

If a dialog appears asking for communication permissions, tap "Allow".

In the app, your new photos and videos will appear in the "On Rylo" tab.

Tap any photo or video to watch it - you can also save photos and videos to your phone for sharing later.

The App

The Rylo app is your director's chair.

Tell your story with our editing tools, create your perfect shot, or just share a full 360° shot with just a few taps.

Orient yourself in a 360° environment
Tap to switch between front & rear cameras
Exit clip and return to your library
Opens Rylo's editing tools to let you fine tune your video
Opens a picture-in-picture view to let you see both sides of Rylo
Tap multiple times to see other views and to close
Save & Share
Save your creation to your camera roll
Share it out to social networks
FrontBack Window
View from the rear of the camera
Tap window and swipe inside to control its viewing angle
Motion Control
Tap to toggle on/off Rylo stabilization
Swipe left or right to browse the contents of your video

Start Creating

See how simple it is to make great videos.

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