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Stories that move.

Can the story of one woman’s quest on Everest inspire others to reach higher?
Watch how mountaineer and activist Caroline Gleich is using her Rylo to advocate for gender equality.

"I use the same skills as an outdoor athlete and as an activist: overcoming fears, ignoring stereotypes, and staying laser-focused."

Professional skier and adventurer Caroline Gleich ( @carolinegleich) has spent a lifetime training for and ticking off major goals, like climbing 26,864-foot Cho Oyu in the Himalaya. Now, she’s set her sights on her biggest goal yet: climbing Mount Everest. Just months ahead of the climb, she’s pushing through obstacles, both expected and unexpected. The long-planned ascent, her #ClimbForEquality, is intended to raise awareness of gender stereotypes in the outdoors—and the importance of shattering those stereotypes.

As she encounters major hurdles in her training, nothing can stop Caroline from giving the #ClimbForEquality her best shot. Only 11% of mountaineers standing on the world’s summits are women. And whether that’s due to women not realizing it’s attainable, or sexism getting in the way, or some mixture of the two, Caroline is out to change the face of mountaineering.

Create Like Caroline Gleich

Caroline knows the power of stories to inspire-and how to channel that inspiration into action. By shooting with Rylo and editing in ViewFinder, she can turn her journey into a powerful story—even before she gets back to the trailhead.

Learn the tips and techniques she uses to create #storiesthatmove.

Part 1
Zooming In and Out

Want to create smooth zoom effects like Caroline does in her edit? No sweat. Watch how she uses ViewFinder to select the points where she’d like to zoom and pan. She can frame it all up just as she likes, in a couple taps and swipes.

How-To: Zoom Still Image
Video Play Button
How-To: Zoom Still Image
Video Play Button

Part 2
Creating a Timelapse

Caroline loves documenting the full day’s adventure—ups, downs, and all—but it’s fun to speed up the hiking part with Timelapse. See how she does it in ViewFinder, picking the points where she’d like to add a Timelapse, selecting the speed, and saving.

How-To: Timelapse Still Image
Video Play Button
How-To: Timelapse Still Image
Video Play Button

Part 3
Capturing a Still Image

As Caroline reviews her footage, it’s easy to pinpoint a perfect moment to save as a still photo. In Rylo ViewFinder, she can go back to the exact instant of a sunlit powder turn, adjust the camera angle, and save the perfect shot.

How-To: Still Image
Video Play Button
How-To: Still Image
Video Play Button

See The Footage

See Caroline’s impossible shots featuring just the Invisible Grip and Rylo app.

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