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Stories That Move

See how Greg Hill uses Rylo to redefine adventure in the face of climate change.

“As an adventurer, I can explore and share how this carbon­ neutral approach can work.”

Picture an explorer, and you’re likely to imagine someone perched high on a peak in a faraway land. You might think of someone pushing their physical limits, or testing themselves against the elements. If so, your picture would look a lot like Greg Hill ( @_greghill_), the professional skier and adventurer who made his name climbing and skiing two million feet in a single year.

Yet while Greg might seem the archetype of the classic outdoor adventurer, his decades in the mountains have shaped a vision of exploration beyond simply climbing new summits or skiing untracked slopes. Faced with the reality of the global climate crisis, Greg’s focus has shifted from setting records to answering a question: How do you cut your carbon footprint when it’s your job to go places no one has gone before?

Create Like Greg Hill

From dramatic overhead shots of knife-­edge ridges to sweeping pans of skiing powder with friends, Greg uses Rylo to capture and share stories from his electric-­powered adventures. Learn the tips and techniques Greg uses to create #StoriesThatMove.

Part 1
Using the Invisible Grip

Is it a drone? Where is the camera mounted? Learn how Greg gets this unique follow ­cam perspective, made possible by Rylo’s Invisible Grip.

Part 2
Reframing with ViewFinder

Ever wish you could change your camera angle after seeing the footage? See how Greg uses ViewFinder makes it easy to frame the perfect shot.

Part 3
Create Motion with Points

Direct sweeping pans and smooth camera movements, all with the tap of a finger. See how Greg uses Points to turn a single shot into a dynamic, creative edit.

See The Footage

See Greg’s impossible shots featuring just the Invisible Grip and Rylo app.

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